FOCUS: Late goal deciders, Nairobi North dominance and Kisii University Feswall Abdalla.

“Compete & Dominate” 

The Nairobi region dominance was in the display this past Friday as Njiru Njeru and Frank Ochieng powered past any opponent that came their way. The boys from JKUAT put up a show booking a slot in the final event dubbed “Fainali” set for 20th November. 

Nairobi North Conference v. Western Conference   

The JKUAT players came in with only one goal, win and send a message to any other opponents taking part in this demonstration tournament. Friday night clash between the boys from JKUAT and Kisii University player Feswall Abdalla produced two late winning goals and comebacks as qualification was on the line. 

The first match between Njiru Njeru and Feswall was a “premium tears” kind of moment for the Western Conference hitman as he came from 2-0 down to equalizing, going in to catch up again as Njiru went up by a goal (3-2) to take the game level again- and eventually conceding a late 90+ winning goal to seal the game for the Nairobi North Conference team. Feswall suffered the same fate as he played Frank Ochieng losing the game 2-1 with the latter’s winning goal coming in the dying minutes of the game. 

Nairobi North Conference v. Rift Valley Conference 

The second match kicked off immediately with Njiru Njeru playing both matches for the Nairobi North Conference due to connection issues experienced by Frank Ochieng. Joel Mong’are an engineering student from Moi University, took the challenge to represent the Rift Valley region. 

Going 1-0 up in the half, Joel was starting to take hold of the game but Njiru Njeru had to pour out all his anger after a painful loss to Frank Kibet in the e-Lig Series Opener Nairobi derby showcase. The Computer science student from JKUAT came back scoring three goals and sealing a 3-2 win in the first match. 

Njiru later set the tone higher with a 5-2 convincing win in the second match of the team battle securing an 8-4 aggregate win against the Rift Valley region franchise. After this game, this meant a direct qualification for the Nairobi North players and a must-win for either of the remaining teams. 

Rift Valley Conference v. Western Conference 

The final matches of the day came down to Feswall Abdalla & Joel Mong’are with both fightings for slots in the e-Lig Series Fainali event. “It is a must-win game for both players.” Bruno Sorre, the e-Lig official commentator said as the match kicked off. 

Joel Mong’are came in the match knowing how strong Feswall was at the attack but poor at closing out the games as he had earlier lost both matches in the dying minutes of in-game FIFA. Losing 2-1 in the first match, Joel Mong’are set his eyes for the second game looking to secure a convincing win to book a slot in the Fainali event. Unluckily, Joel Mong’are could only scoop one point in this game giving Feswall a boarding pass for the e-Lig Series Fainali. 


Group A (Collated Results-Aggregate) 

Nairobi North Conference v. Western Conference | 6-4

Nairobi North Conference v. Rift Valley Conference | 8-4

Rift Valley Conference v. Western Conference | 4-3

The e-Lig Series moves into the Group B matches this Friday 13th with Nairobi South, Central, and Coast Conferences lined up for the battle.

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A bad performance by Joel and Yobra slowed down the Horizon organization quest to dominate the e-Lig standings after weekend two. Joel who finished fourth at the weekend opener tourney bagging him 21 points did not even qualify for the top two spots. Joel placed in conference D for weekend two had a rough day playing in a conference that had Yardie (KU), donuts (JKUAT), and Kamal (Strathmore), Bari Maina and Steve. Joel finished 5th in this conference and secured 17th-20th playoff position that only earned him 7points.

On the other side, Team Alpha players, GeeMajid and Kamal had a great day during weekend two steering the organization to sit top of the standings. GeeMajid reached the final where he lost and only bagged himself 23 points, while Kamal finished 5th.

The e-Lig University series moves into its third and final tournament run for the pilot season and will be back for season one. The e-Lig sought to create organizations and teams based on franchising University sides to compete against each other. The series was also seeking to tap into the many competitive FIFA communities existing in various institutions.

The third tournament of the series will be on March 16th 2019 and at a venue we will communicate.


The new entrant into the All-Ladies Division Amanda lit up the division this past weekend with great play and clinical finishes. Amanda qualified for the final after a splendid play during the pools.

In the absence of Tuts, we might have missed a great matchup between her and Amanda because they both almost have a similar style of play execution. Amanda beat Bree and drew against Tamara. The final saw Tamara and Amanda face off in a match that ended 1-0 in favour of Amanda. Due to playing only one tourney, Amanda sits bottom of the table with 6 points. Tamara leads with 10 points, Bree(8 points), Tuts (6points).


Horizon Organization player Elias beat GeeMajid in the final of the e-Lig series weekend two to bag himself the prize plus 24 points. Elias, who was a replacement for Pablo, came in and maneuvered his way through Conference A which was a tight group. He finished 2nd beating Technical University of Kenya player Malvin on goal difference finishing after Flossin Mauwano.

Elias qualified through Conference A and met Rockie in the two-legged quarter-final where he made a comeback win (4-3 aggregate score). He lost 3-2 in the first leg of the game and made a late comeback in the 2nd leg to book a semi-final after a 2-0 win.

Other Quarter Final results

Yardie v. GeeMajid (4-3 aggregate score to Majid)

Zack v. Kamal (4-2 aggregate score)

Mumu v. Kevo CK (5-2 aggregate score)


Flossin Mauwano v. GeeMajid (3-4 GeeMajid win)

Elias v. Zack (1-0 Elias win)

The Final

GeeMajid managed to secure a place in the final after an impressive win over defending champion Flossin Mauwano. Elias, on the other hand, cruised past Zack in the second semi-final.

In the final, GeeMajid had a comfortable lead 2-0 lead up to the 85th minute where Elias pulled off two goals to draw the match with few minutes left. The game was seen to go for Extra time but Elias had other plans to close it just right before the whistle goes off. He pulled off a great goal in the 89th minute to close out GeeMajid and win Weekend two on a 3-2 score.

Horizon Organization sit top of the log after the first leg of the e-Lig University series.

Horizon sit top of the log after the weekend opener held at Kenyatta University Business & Student Service Centre. Horizon Organization had players finishing 4th, 5th, 7th and 15th where they earner 21,20,18 and 10 points respectively to total up to a 69 points lead against all other five registered organizations.

Joel helped lead the way for the University of Nairobi students with 21 points finishing the weekend opener with a 5-2-3 record. Other notable players in this organization were Zack who finished one place behind Joel with a 7-0-2 record having being beaten in the quarter-final by Peter Mumu whereas Yobra who finished 7th place with a 6-2-1 record and Pablo who finished week one at 15th place with a 2-2-3 record.

Team Alpha sits at second place with 64 points just 5 points behind the leaders Horizon Organization. GeeMajid leads the team with 22 points finishing 3rd place. Kamal contributed 19 points to the team, Rockie pulled in 14 points and #Mo with 9 points.

Kevo CKs team from TUK (A-Team) sits third in the log with 55 points. Kevo CK raked in 23 points for his team, Steve pulled in 16points, KingSlayer brought in 15 points whereas Epsilon Malvin was a no show in the weekend opener giving out walkovers and finishing with only 1 point.

Mauwano Organization led by the e-Lig weekend opener winner Peter Mumu sit fourth place with 52 points, JKUATs team Elite Organization is at fifth place with 38points whereas the weekend opener tournament hosts Horsemen sit bottom with only 22points.

The series takes a break and will be back in February at a location we will communicate soon.

Elite Organization Sheila “Tuts” Nduta shines in the All-ladies category beating Horizons Tamara in the final.

The e-Lig All-Female series went down this past weekend at Kenyatta University and saw three of the six participants play a round-robin competition where the top two in the group went for a final at the main stage.

The participants that showed up included Sheila Nduta (JKUAT), Bree Obea (K.U), and Tamara (UON)


(Sheila Tuts v. Tamara)

Sheila took control of the game from the start scoring a goal against Tamara in the first minutes of the game. The Elite player is well known for her great passing and hard shots towards her opponents.

Horizon player Tamara later took the game even with a goal but could not hold against Tuts attacking knowledge who sealed the game with a goal to end the score 2-1.

(Tamara v. Bree)

Kenyatta University player Bree failed to match against UONs Tamara losing the game 2-1.

(Tuts v. Bree)

JKUAT and Elite Organization player Nduta found it easy to net in three goals passed host Bree Obea.

Tuts and Tamara proceeded to the final


The All-female series also went down as one of the best matches of the day aside the semi-final that saw Flossin Mauwano go against Joel. Tuts v. Tamara game final had highlights from goals scored, chances created and great interplay skills especially from UONs Tamara.

Tamara fell short on capitalizing her great chances created. Tuts on the other hand finessed her way scoring 5 goals on aggregate to win the final and walk away with the prize.

AlphaPlay|Mickey secures Tekken254 Circuit season two championship at the Savanna Majors

The Tekken254 Circuit came to a close this past weekend with the premier Fighting Game events dubbed The Savanna Majors. After three heated qualifiers, top-ranked 16 players qualified for the Savanna Majors which was played at the Kenya Cultural Centre.

The top 16 were placed in an open bracket playing using a double elimination format that saw tightly contested sets all through the day.

Vega, AlphaPlay|Priest, DVK, AlphaPlay|Simba, AlphaPlay|Mickey, DarkTempest, Frost, and Xstar managed to cruise and stay in the winners bracket as PokerFace, Tiz, FlurryFists, In4red. Prot-G, Battousai, RMP|Shoryuken, and Furious Monkey were all sent down to the losers’ end of the bracket

In the winners’ bracket, AlphaPlay|Priest managed to send Vega straight down to the losers after a tight contested set that ended 2-1. The second set saw DVK go up against champion AlphaPlay|Mickey who sent DVK down to losers. DarkTempest and AlphaPlay|Simba were both sent to losers by Frost and Xstar respectively.

After intense battles, Xstar and AlphaPlay|Priest found themselves tussling in the losers’ side of the bracket to see who will play against AlphaPlay|Mickey who secured a grand finals spot in the winners’ side of the bracket. AlphaPlay|Priest beat Xstar 3-2 to secure a final against his teammate Michael Muhoro.

Savanna Majors Grand Final

The grand final saw two newly signed players for Kenyas Esport Organization AlphaPlay go head to head with a Dell G7 Gaming Laptop on the line for first place. Michael Muhoro “AlphaPlay|Mickey” picking Xiaoyu while William “AlphaPlay|Priest” Omondi going with his main Jack, the set ended 3-0 with Michael Muhoro taking the day again securing season two championship.

Premier Division Playoffs

The premier division playoffs saw bottom four players from the premier division play against top four players from the second tier division called the challenger division. These playoffs were to determine relegation and promotion of players from premier and challenger division respectively.

The bottom four from the Premier Division had Dawa Jr, Mugi, Dice1533, and PseudoDude who were fighting to remain in the Premier Division against AlphaPlay|SlyFace, LowLife, DenoDev and Stanley Styler.

The playoffs saw Stanley Styler, LowLife, PseudoDude and DenoDev all secure Premier Division spots for season three.

Savanna Majors saw the end of Season Two with Michael Muhoro proving to be the best Tekken player in Kenya. A big shout out to Xstar who proved to be the most improved player as with Frost. We would like to thank the whole Tekken254 Community for putting up great show this season and also for growing Esports in Kenya. We look forward to seeing you during Season Three of the Tekken254 Circuit.

Qualifier two sees Frost finish third

Qualifier two had mixed results and reactions such as the first ever reset in the Tekken 254 Circuit, AlphaPlay | Mickey losing, Frost breaking out to finish third and a deadly Pool C that saw best players fight for top 2 finishes.


The Tekken 254 Circuit Pool A saw AlphaPlay | Mickey secure Top 8 spot after cruising past the pool with 5-0 Win-Loss record dropping only one match against Proto-G (3-2 Win-Loss record). Mickey was joined by Frost in top 8 who completed the pool with a 4-1 Win-Loss record. Proto-G, PokerFace, XiT | QueenArrow and Dawa Jr finished 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th respectively.

Pool B had AlphaPlay team member Simba finished with a 5-0 Win-Loss to take up 1st position and was followed by Vega (4-1 Win-Loss record). Furious Monkey (3-2 Win-Loss record), Battousai (2-3 Win-Loss record), PseudoDude (0-4 Win-Loss record) and Mugi (0-4 Wins-Loss).

Pool C saw Tiz top the pool with a 5-0 Win-Loss record but dropping 3 matches. AlphaPlay | PRIEST came second with a 4-1 Win-Loss record to book a top 8 bracket spot. Nakuru based DarkTempest (3-2 Win-Loss record), Chuma Mzee (2-3 Win-Loss record), RMP | Shoryuken (1-4 Win-Loss record) and Dice1533 (0-5 Win-Loss record) finished 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th respectively.

Pool D saw Xstar wash out DVK 2-0 in the first set to top the Pool with a 5-0 Win-Loss record as DVK came second with a 4-1 Win-Loss record. In4red, RobbyM$, Pipsqueak, and FlurryFists finished 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th respectively.

AlphaPlay | Mickey v. DVK

AlphaPlay | Mickey’s clean record was shattered in this set with DVK snatching up a win with a 2-0 score. Switching characters between Bob and Violet, AlphaPlay | Mickey fell short dropping 6 rounds and managing to take up only 1 round.

Tiz v. Vega

Tiz sent Vega packing to the losers’ bracket in the second set of the Top 8 bracket. Using Nina, Tiz dropped only 1 set against Vegas strongest character choice Akuma.

Frost v. Xstar

Xstar lost his lead against Frost in a set that ended 2-1 to Frost. Using King, Xstar failed to hold his lead to lose the final match (3-2) to give Frost the set and seal the win.

AlphaPlay | Simba v AlphaPlay | PRIEST

This set saw two teammates go up against each other in a thrilling match that ended 2-0 to AlphaPlay | PRIEST.


The circuit saw Xstar take 7th place pushing Vega to 8th, AlphaPlay | PRIEST, AlphaPlay | Simba finished 5th and 6th respectively. Tiz secured 4th position to bag himself 21 points whereas Frost took 3rd position.

The grand final saw the very first reset we have ever had in all tournaments held. AlphaPlay | Mickey coming from the losers final managed to beat DVK 3-1 to take the grand finale to a reset where he again beat DVK 3 sets to 1 to take up the 1st position.