Tekken254 Circuit set to adopt a new competitive format for its 2020 schedule.

After a wild 2019 schedule, the Tekken254 Circuit will move into the 2020 schedule with a new competition system that seeks to grow the local competitive Fighting Game Community scene in Kenya.

Running for three seasons currently, the Circuit has seen immense growth in its player growth, competitive gameplay and as well as a rise of Esports organizations feeding into the circuit signing players (Article on Esports Organization-4th September). The Circuit has seen various changes that the organizers have made to help steer the local competitive scene forward and also make it easy for players to grow. The circuit moves into its fourth season in January 2020 and is set to have various changes.


The 2020 schedule will still be eight months series with qualifiers played monthly. The circuit major change will be the unification of both divisions (Premier Division & Challenger Division).

Season three saw a separation of vet players locked down to a premier division and a new division that sought to build and encourage new players to sign up was formed. The challenger division helped drive in 15 players who have played through the whole season and gained enough gameplay knowledge of the game.

Heading into our 2020 schedule, the circuit will have the divisions unified and a bigger player bracket per pool formed. Players will be playing using a bracket format for the 2020 schedule unlike in season three where players played in a round-robin system during pools stage.

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The Tekken254 Circuit Qualifiers comes to a curtain close as we head towards Qualifier 6 of this season series. Organized by Tekken-Two-Five-Four and Ace Pro Gaming, the circuit has seen a rise in competitors from 19 competitors to the current 32 registered players who have once attended the structured competitive tournaments held in Nairobi.

Started in 2017, we held a tournament in one of Nairobi's most visited Gaming Lounges (Tric Gaming) where we held our very first tournament. The Tekken254 has later grown into one of the most connected and growing communities filled with discipline and hard work amongst its members. The community is slowly cementing competitive system as one of the strongest in the region.

The Circuit was birthed immediately after the Tric Gaming Tournament and it is currently closing on its third season. More players trickling in the community and staying competitive with efforts to welcome more as we continue our work to strengthen Esports and Digital Entertainment in Kenya.
The Circuit adopted a new format that sought to increase community members, increase competition but most importantly level up Tekken knowledge within the community.

The system saw two divisions split between Premier Division (24 players) and Challenger Division (open entry) with a pro-rel system. The tournaments were also spread out monthly with 6 Qualifiers in the circuit. As we move into our final qualifier, we would like to thank the Tekken254 Community members for their bond, hard work, commitment, and great Tekken play.



The Tekken254 Circuit in its third season continues to grow in terms of participation, partnerships and also tournaments. The circuit birthed in 2017 has seen numbers grow from 19 players to a current 36 registered players in the community.  With well-organized tournaments, the circuit is seeing the growth of teams known in the competitive gaming industry as Esport Organization.

AlphaPlay Kenya signed three players in the circuit namely Michael “Mickey’ Muhoro, Anthony “Tony” Claesen and William “Priest” Omondi. The organization continues to tap into the growing industry not only in Kenya but the African region.

Another organization that wrecked news across the community was the signing of Sylvia “Queen Arrow” Wahome by the XiT Woundz based in New Jersey. The organization has players playing in different Esports such as Tekken, Mortal Kombat, and Smash. The organization also spreads its talents across different continents such as North America (Canada & USA), Africa (Kenya), South America (Venezuela), and Europe (France, Poland and Germany).

Esport Organizations in Kenya are helping cement the industry in creating financing models for players that have enabled many enter various tournaments both online and offline, they have also helped professionalize the industry with great apparels, business models, salaries, and purchases of the games (DLCs).

Ace Pro Gaming second tournament dubbed the “e-Lig University FIFA19 Series” is meant to franchise Esport Organizations based on University sides. There are currently 6 Universities (each having 4 players) playing in the e-Lig having four players. The pilot series seeks to grow FIFA which is arguably the biggest game played by many Kenyans both casually and competitively.

The future of the e-Lig is aligning the series with the current growth of the FIFA electronic World Cup that was rebranded from the Interactive last year 2018. The e-Lig also seeks to tap the many students’ communities from various Universities in Kenya. We seek to further tap into newer communities of Varsities sides especially from outside Nairobi expanding the participation.

A huge shout out to all Esports Organizations in Kenya

  • XiT Woundz
  • AlphaPlay Kenya
  • Masters of Mayhem
  • Simba Ultimate
  • Rampage Corps
  • Overhaul

And many more not mentioned. Let us strive to grow the industry and also rightfully support the signed players.


Horizon Organization, a University of Nairobi based FIFA19 team will go into Weekend Two knowing they have to defend their aggregate win as they did in the first Qualifier. The team currently sits top in the logs with 69 aggregate points. Joel led the team delivering 21 points during the Weekend Opener. Joel fell (5-4) on aggregate against Mount Kenya University Peter “Flossin Mauwano” Mumu during the opening weekend held at Kenyatta University. Horizon Organization manager Collins Oyindo made a change this week replacing Pablo with Elias Beast. The new player will play in Conference A which looks to be the group of death with heavyweight players such as e-Lig Weekend Opener winner and Mount Kenya University player Peter Mumu, Technical University of Kenya Epsilon Malvin, #Mo (Strathmore University), Max Murila from Kenyatta University and WekaMbali from (JKUAT). NEW RIVALRY Mauwano Organization Peter Mumu will open up a new rivalry with University of Nairobi Elias Beast who is considered to be a great player. They met this past weekend at a FIFA19 tournament held at KCB Sports Club where Peter Mumu narrowly won. We look forward to catching this matchup this coming Saturday.


Kenyatta University will once again host the e-Lig series weekend two scheduled for 2nd March. The prestigious institution also plays host to one of the six organizations playing in the series called Horsemen Organization.

Horsemen Organization will again be playing to their home crowd this weekend and they hope they will perform better than the weekend opener. Horsemen Organizations sit bottom of the log with 22 points. Jumia Gaming tournament winner Phillip “Yardie” Kimani leads the organization with 4-3 Win-Loss record followed by Winchester (2-1-4), Max Murila (1-0-6) and Bruno “GrimReeper” Sorre (2-5). The home team will have to improve going into weekend two as other organizations seek to dominate this coming weekend.

Follow the table for full rankings:

Kenyatta University with a vibrant FIFA community playing both online and at various gaming lounges in its environs such as Kahawa Sukari, Kahawa Wendani offers a unique spot for FIFA competitions. The huge population also plays a big role in the series by attracting spectators for this great series.

Kenyatta University Business & Students’ Service where the competitions will be held has a sitting capacity of up to 250 people giving it a fabulous location for the event. The centre also offers great amenities such as eating spaces, restaurants banks and conference halls for students and visitors to access. We welcome you all to come to enjoy great music from Homeboyz Esports and fabulous University rivalry competition.

e-LIG University FIFA19 Series

March 2nd 2019 Kenyatta University Business & Students’ Service Centre 014

On the Focus | We take a look into the future of the e-Lig Series

The e-Lig University Series kicked off on the 29th of January in a three-legged series for its pilot season zero. The event was held at Kenyatta University Business & Service Centre that saw 24 participants enter for the Open series while only 6 entered for the All-Women division.

The e-Lig University series was birthed to help grow competitive side of FIFA in Kenya most especially in Universities which holds up to 90% of competitors in most of the events held in Kenya. The pilot season was to introduce the competition and showcase what Ace Pro has in store for the future as Esports continues to grow globally. The FIFA competitive global market is steadily growing with many licensed qualifying events held globally especially in U.K, Australia and the United States attracting millions of competitors.

The FIFA Electronic World Cup has so far since attracted many qualifying events such as electronic Major League Soccer (USA), electronic Premier League (U.K), E-League (U.S.A), E-League (Hyundai A-League Australia), GFinity FIFA Series and many more of LQE (Licensed Qualifying Events).

The e-Lig University series seeks to encourage more competitive Kenyan FIFA Players to compete highly in franchises based on University institutions. The series pilot season showcased the future of the competition set to come.


The e-Lig University series will see FUT Mode being used for its season one set to commence in September this year. Players are encouraged to get well versed with the mode and build in their squads for the season to come. All international events use the FUT Mode and positioning the e-Lig University series for international events will need the series to go into the use of FUT Mode.


The e-Lig series currently has 6 franchises from 6 Universities that registered to take part in the competition for its pilot season. Each Institution sent 5 players totalling to 24 participants for the Open series and 6 participants for the All-Female series. The next season will see a reduction of players but an increase of institution taking part in the series. We plan to increase the number of participating institutions to tap into newer markets of competitive FIFA playing communities.

The e-Lig University series moves into its week two with Peter Mumu holding top position and Kevin Omondi coming in second. Here is a full table after the weekend opener.

The Check | Inside e-Lig series points awarding system

The e-Lig University Series kicked off last weekend with 24 players competing in the Open series and only three ladies taking part in the All-Ladies competition.

The e-Lig series is a competition involving six University teams with each University bringing in 4 participants (Open series) and 1 participant (All-Ladies series). The competition is divided into four conferences with each University presenting a player in each of the conference.


The e-Lig series sees top two in each conference qualify for the quarterfinals whereas each position finish from each conference moves straight for position playoff. For example, if player A finishes 3rd in Conference A, he or she will meet all players who finished position 3 in each of the conferences to play for ranking positions (9th – 12th). This goes on for all other group stage position.

Position 1-2 in each conference qualify for main cup quarterfinals

Position 3 in each conference qualify for (9th-12th) playoffs

Position 4 in each conference qualify for (13th-16th) playoffs

Position 5 in each of the conference qualify for (17th-20th) playoffs

Position 6 in each of the conference qualify for (21st-24th) playoffs


The e-Lig University series uses a reverse point ranking system where the total number of players represents the amount of total points gained in each of the series tournament. The e-Lig series has 24 participants and thus the winner of the tournament gets 24 points whereas the last placed player gets 1 point.

Elite Organization Sheila “Tuts” Nduta shines in the All-ladies category beating Horizons Tamara in the final.

The e-Lig All-Female series went down this past weekend at Kenyatta University and saw three of the six participants play a round-robin competition where the top two in the group went for a final at the main stage.

The participants that showed up included Sheila Nduta (JKUAT), Bree Obea (K.U), and Tamara (UON)


(Sheila Tuts v. Tamara)

Sheila took control of the game from the start scoring a goal against Tamara in the first minutes of the game. The Elite player is well known for her great passing and hard shots towards her opponents.

Horizon player Tamara later took the game even with a goal but could not hold against Tuts attacking knowledge who sealed the game with a goal to end the score 2-1.

(Tamara v. Bree)

Kenyatta University player Bree failed to match against UONs Tamara losing the game 2-1.

(Tuts v. Bree)

JKUAT and Elite Organization player Nduta found it easy to net in three goals passed host Bree Obea.

Tuts and Tamara proceeded to the final


The All-female series also went down as one of the best matches of the day aside the semi-final that saw Flossin Mauwano go against Joel. Tuts v. Tamara game final had highlights from goals scored, chances created and great interplay skills especially from UONs Tamara.

Tamara fell short on capitalizing her great chances created. Tuts on the other hand finessed her way scoring 5 goals on aggregate to win the final and walk away with the prize.

Peter Mumu secures the e-Lig weekend opener beating Kevo CK in the final

The e-Lig weekend opener held at Kenyatta University Business & Students Service Centre showed a great and vibrant competitive nature of Esport, especially in the Kenyan FIFA Community.

Notable competitive players such as Peter Mumu, Kevin Omondi, Phillip Kimani, and KingSlayer were present on that day competing for their various varsity sides.


This conference saw Zack win all his five games with a notable win against foe Kevin Omondi in the most anticipated game that ended 3-1. Kevo CK still managed to book himself in the quarter-finals finishing the second spot with a 2-2-1 W-D-L record. The hosts Bruno “GrimReeper” Sorre did not play to his expectation finishing last in the pool. Rockie, Rio, and Chrispee finished 3rd, 4th and 5th in that conference.


e-Lig Weekend Opener winner Flossin Mauwano pierced his way out through this heavily loaded conference finishing 2nd in the group. MKU Flossin Mauwano finished with a 3-1-1 W-L-D record. He managed to qualify to the quarter-final stage through group stages after a loss against Steve from the Technical University of Kenya. The conference saw the University of Nairobi Yobra finish top of the conference with 4-1-0 record drawing one game against Flossin Mauwano. Steve, Strathmore’s #Mo, Kenyatta University Winchester and JKUAT’s Osnet finished 3rd-6th in that order.


The conference saw the biggest upset in the opening weekend. Kenyatta University’s Phillip “Yardie” Kimani who had recently won the Jumia Gaming Tournament failed to qualify for the knock-out stages but also finishing 5th in his conference of 6. He only won 2 matches and lost the rest failing to qualify for the quarters. This conference saw Horizon Organization Joel finish top of this conference followed by Alpha Team GeeMajid. MKUs ju88oi, JKUATs donuts, K.Us Yardie and TUKs Malvin finished 2nd-6th in that order.


Alpha Teams Kamal sat at the summit in this conference after a brilliance performance. He finished with a 4-1-0 record drawing a game against 2nd seeded WekaMbali from JKUAT. TUKs KingSlayer, Pablo, Max and Soka finished 3rd-6th in that order.


Main Series Quarter Final Pairings

(Flossin Mauwano v. Zack)

Flossin Mauwano easily passed Zack with a 5-0 aggregate. Flossin powered his first match with a 4-0 score and only managing a 1-0 for the second match.

(Yobra v. Kevo CK)

In a tight match, Horizons Yobra looked to create a great match against A-Teams Kevo CK. With a 1-0 win in the first match, Kevo CK managed to get a lead over Yobra. Yobra came back for the second leg managing a draw to end the game 2-1 on aggregate in favor of Kevo CK.

(Joel v. WekaMbali)

Horizons Joel shot passed Elite Organization WekaMbali with a 2-1 aggregate score to book a spot in the semi-finals.

(Kamal v. GeeMajid)

The Alpha Team derby had GeeMajid easily book a spot in the semi-finals against Kamal. GeeMajid beat Kamal with a 5-3 aggregate score.


(Kevo CK v. GeeMajid)

Kevo CK cruised passed by GeeMajid on a 7-3 aggregate score to book a place in the finals.

(Flossin Mauwano v. Joel)

The most heated match of the day saw Horizons Joel going up against Mauwano organization team leader Flossin Mauwano. Joel made a comeback in the first leg to even the game at 2-2. Going into the second leg, Flossin Mauwano composed himself to take another lead but Joel equalized and took the game to Extra Time.

An error by Joel awarded Flossin Mauwano a penalty in the second half of the game to end 3-2. Flossin Mauwano took the game 5-4 on aggregate.


The final saw two of the most decorated FIFA players in Nairobi Flossin Mauwano and Kevo CK continue to grow their status of best players in Nairobi. Flossin Mauwano managed to win the game 3-1 going into the next round top of the table and contributing 24 points to his organization Mauwano Organization.

The second leg will be played on the 16th of February in a location we will communicate this week.

Ace Pro Gaming launches the next phase of its pioneering Esport series.

The Tekken 254 Circuit has provided an in-depth look into our investment in Esports. The circuit has run for the past 6 months with two seasons and looking to grow bigger and better. We believe Esports is wholly dependent on its management and we have invested fully in management. With all these up our sleeves, we are excited to be launching our next planned series of competition and that is the FIFA franchise.

FIFA is arguably the largest game played amongst many persons living in and out of Nairobi and also regionally in East Africa. FIFA constitutes to up to 80% of games being played in many of the gaming lounges. ‘Walk into any gaming lounge in Nairobi, Kiambu, Kisumu etc and FIFA will be the most played game you will see on the screens. Out of 10 screens in the lounge, 8 are being used for FIFA’– says Head of Marketing Jairus Ogembo.

FIFA is highly played by many young people who throng into the many game lounges around estates, university accommodation areas, and also residential homes. Gaming lounges have also had its share of increase constituting to 35% growth especially in Nairobi. Many movies & series shops have either closed to create room for a gaming section or expanded space inside to spin off to have a video gaming business on the side. This clearly shows its intense growth and we as Ace Pro Gaming look to tap it by creating a series of tournaments that will see players compete for points and prizes.

The FIFA series will go by the name “e-Lig series”. The e-Lig will be played in a format designed by the Ace Pro Gaming tournaments team. Our first investment into the planned FIFA competition will be the universities & colleges series. The series will be played amongst different universities & colleges in Kenya. The series will feature a great format of play, and points awarding system that will spice up entertainment but also incorporate a lot of strategy, competition and business opportunity.

We also look to angle and work hard to have the e-Lig | University & Colleges Series to be part of the Kenya University Sports Association games in the near future. ‘Digital sports are proving to be an answer to an increase in spectatorship, participation and also job creation amongst many young people.”– Charles Wambugu, Head of Operations Ace Pro Gaming.  The KUSA games are run annually having different Universities competing against each other clearly showing how organized these games competitions are and we believe including Esports will have great benefits to the games.

More information on the e-Lig selected venues, dates, explained format, number of participants and points awarding system will be released soon.