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eSports Management Firm

 Esport Administration, hosting, data analysis, and statistics.

About UsAn Esports company based in Nairobi, Kenya

It was formed with a keen interest in the growing popularity of Esports in Kenya, the East African region, and the world at large. The growing trends with regards to the electronic sports scene are what brought about the conception and commencement of the company, and the need to be the pioneers in an industry that is relatively young in Kenya, and East African region.

What we do

Ace Pro specializes in the organizing, sponsoring, and advertising of different electronic sports tournaments happening in Kenya, and around East Africa. There are different opportunities that are arising as a result of globalization, and this is the main reason why we, as Ace Pro, are capturing the market with new and innovative ideas on how to build competitive electronic sports in Kenya. As Ace, we are also in the business of creating designer apparels for our gaming partners and participants. We design the apparels based on the desires of the clients.

How we do it

Ace Pro is working to create different partnerships with other organizations that deal with E-Sports management to enable the company to participate in different tournaments in different ways. This includes organizing various gaming tournaments, serving as judges, sponsoring and marketing these tournaments. This is all in a bid to become synonymous with the promotion of electronic sports in the region. The presence of different specialists in the company ensures the smooth running of various activities, for example, marketing, finance, PR, and graphics design. All these elements put together to ensure that Ace runs like a well-oiled machine.

Gamers, Game On!


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