THE FOCUS: Kenya’s Estate-Based Esports League Ma Esto announces a partnership with Ace Apparels.

“The partnership and collaboration between Ma Esto and Ace Apparels has been in the cards for some time.”
Ma Esto, a grassroots Football Esports program pitting different residential estate-based teams in Kenya has been running since 2020. The program kicked off with research trial matches in the last quarter of 2019 then transitioned to a four-team league for its inaugural season one in 2020. “Having estate-backed teams opened Esports to many gamers who initially couldn’t access competitions,” says Fanuel Opiyo, from Ace Pro Sports Technologies Limited.

The collaboration between the league and apparel division represents a new shift in the structure of our merchandise business. As an exclusive merchandise provider, Ace apparels will be instrumental in our collective efforts to build sustainable esports kommunities, events, and attractions in Kenya.

In addition, Ace apparels will run unique content posts to further help the Ma Esto, Savanna Fighting Game Communities, and other esports in the country. 

Ma Esto Program announces a partnership with Ace Apparels.

Ma Esto and Ace Apparels are pleased to announce a partnership to bolster and standardize Electronic Sports in Kenya. In an effort to bolster the sustainability of Esports in Kenya, Ace Apparels seeks to play a role in the growth of the Ma Esto Brand.

Ace Apparels announces its official cap of the Ma Esto-based team Qwerty Gamers’ Lounge located in Nairobi’s vibrant Estate BuruBuru58. The cap will be provided to the team while also servicing fans of the location.