The Tekken254 Circuit came to a close this past weekend with the premier Fighting Game events dubbed The Savanna Majors. After three heated qualifiers, top-ranked 16 players qualified for the Savanna Majors which was played at the Kenya Cultural Centre.

The top 16 were placed in an open bracket playing using a double elimination format that saw tightly contested sets all through the day.

Vega, AlphaPlay|Priest, DVK, AlphaPlay|Simba, AlphaPlay|Mickey, DarkTempest, Frost, and Xstar managed to cruise and stay in the winners bracket as PokerFace, Tiz, FlurryFists, In4red. Prot-G, Battousai, RMP|Shoryuken, and Furious Monkey were all sent down to the losers’ end of the bracket

In the winners’ bracket, AlphaPlay|Priest managed to send Vega straight down to the losers after a tight contested set that ended 2-1. The second set saw DVK go up against champion AlphaPlay|Mickey who sent DVK down to losers. DarkTempest and AlphaPlay|Simba were both sent to losers by Frost and Xstar respectively.

After intense battles, Xstar and AlphaPlay|Priest found themselves tussling in the losers’ side of the bracket to see who will play against AlphaPlay|Mickey who secured a grand finals spot in the winners’ side of the bracket. AlphaPlay|Priest beat Xstar 3-2 to secure a final against his teammate Michael Muhoro.

Savanna Majors Grand Final

The grand final saw two newly signed players for Kenyas Esport Organization AlphaPlay go head to head with a Dell G7 Gaming Laptop on the line for first place. Michael Muhoro “AlphaPlay|Mickey” picking Xiaoyu while William “AlphaPlay|Priest” Omondi going with his main Jack, the set ended 3-0 with Michael Muhoro taking the day again securing season two championship.

Premier Division Playoffs

The premier division playoffs saw bottom four players from the premier division play against top four players from the second tier division called the challenger division. These playoffs were to determine relegation and promotion of players from premier and challenger division respectively.

The bottom four from the Premier Division had Dawa Jr, Mugi, Dice1533, and PseudoDude who were fighting to remain in the Premier Division against AlphaPlay|SlyFace, LowLife, DenoDev and Stanley Styler.

The playoffs saw Stanley Styler, LowLife, PseudoDude and DenoDev all secure Premier Division spots for season three.

Savanna Majors saw the end of Season Two with Michael Muhoro proving to be the best Tekken player in Kenya. A big shout out to Xstar who proved to be the most improved player as with Frost. We would like to thank the whole Tekken254 Community for putting up great show this season and also for growing Esports in Kenya. We look forward to seeing you during Season Three of the Tekken254 Circuit.

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