Announcement: Ace Pro Sports & Don Bashrah Gaming are set to announce a Paid Subscription for the Keel Kash Mobile Esports Kompetition.  

Keel Kash Mobile Esports Kompetition.

Users who purchase any of our Keel Kash Bundles will enjoy a wide range of benefits. 

Ace Pro Sports Technologies Ltd and Don Bashrah Gaming announce a new paid option for Kenya’s Mobile Esports dubbed Keel Kash. The subscription service will grant Mobile Esports Users fixed slots and a guaranteed base payout value for several games. 

Keel Kash continues to disrupt Kenya’s Esports scene due to its unique model of operation. The model offers mobile gamers an earning potential for every objective of the game title which is Earn for every elimination you make in either Call of Duty or PUBG. 

“The paid subscription lets the user book available slots for several games as per the bundle purchased.” Fanuel Opiyo said. 

The Keel Kash paid service will give users guaranteed slots, base per keel value, access to the Koloseum Xperience Points, and all benefits set to be launched.

“We will be implementing many changes in all our operations, not just Keel Kash, from Savanna FGC to Ma Esto. The changes will align with our vision of making Kenyan Sports sustainable, kompetitive, fun, and attractive.”

THE FOCUS: Kenya’s Estate-Based Esports League Ma Esto announces a partnership with Ace Apparels.

“The partnership and collaboration between Ma Esto and Ace Apparels has been in the cards for some time.”
Ma Esto, a grassroots Football Esports program pitting different residential estate-based teams in Kenya has been running since 2020. The program kicked off with research trial matches in the last quarter of 2019 then transitioned to a four-team league for its inaugural season one in 2020. “Having estate-backed teams opened Esports to many gamers who initially couldn’t access competitions,” says Fanuel Opiyo, from Ace Pro Sports Technologies Limited.

The collaboration between the league and apparel division represents a new shift in the structure of our merchandise business. As an exclusive merchandise provider, Ace apparels will be instrumental in our collective efforts to build sustainable esports kommunities, events, and attractions in Kenya.

In addition, Ace apparels will run unique content posts to further help the Ma Esto, Savanna Fighting Game Communities, and other esports in the country. 

Ma Esto Program announces a partnership with Ace Apparels.

Ma Esto and Ace Apparels are pleased to announce a partnership to bolster and standardize Electronic Sports in Kenya. In an effort to bolster the sustainability of Esports in Kenya, Ace Apparels seeks to play a role in the growth of the Ma Esto Brand.

Ace Apparels announces its official cap of the Ma Esto-based team Qwerty Gamers’ Lounge located in Nairobi’s vibrant Estate BuruBuru58. The cap will be provided to the team while also servicing fans of the location.

Ace Pro Sports becomes an Official Partner of the Mombasa County Based Mobile Esports Kompetition Keel Kash.

PUBG Mobile 

Keel Kash Kompetition

February 2023 | Ace Pro Sports announces its partnership with Mombasa City-based Esports outfit Don Bashrah Gaming becoming an Official Kompetition Partner of the ever-growing Keel Kash PUBG Mobile Esport. 

Keel Kash, a unique esports concept seeking to build and expand Mobile Gaming in Kenya where registered players Play to Earn “Per Keel.” The kompetition gives players an opportunity to earn for doing what they already doing.  

“Diving into mobile gaming sets the stage for amazing opportunities as we begin our upcoming 2023/2024 kompetition season.” Says Davy Kamanzi. “We have been seeing growing interest in Kenya’s mobile gaming kommunities and with this collaboration with Don Bashrah Gaming, we see a strategic expansion into a new space and elevation of Kenya’s Esports scene. 

As part of this newly mended partnership with Don Bashrah Gaming, Ace Pro Sports sees its entry into Mobile Gaming Esports as an opportunity to continue its quest for Building Kommunities and spreading its operations in the Kenyan market.


NAIROBI- Erick Demon went off with eleven goals (11) and conceded no goals during the second round of the Ma Esto League. He won his first match against Kahawa Wendani’s Andrew Marine (6-0) while closing out his game with a 5-0 win over Joseph Njoroge. 

Maringo BushHunters Gaming Lounge currently sits top of Group A with eight points after a convincing 4-0 sweep against their opponents from Wendani (Throne Of Gamers Gaming Lounge). Erick’s teammate Kevin Otieno managed to net in 9 goals, 5-2, 4-1 over Joseph Njoroge and Andrew Marine. 

In the other Group A match, Maseno Horizon Gaming Lounge dominated Kahawa Sukari S.P.E Gaming Lounge taking home the W in a 3-1 win. Marlone Leone again put up two wins out of two,  his teammate Makuer Machot lost one match. George Kimaru managed to scoop a win for S.P.E Gaming Lounge after penalty shootouts against Makuer. Robert Kibet lost both of his games for the day. Maringo Estate currently tops Group A with 6 points tied with Maseno while the Kahawa-based lounges Shuge and Wendani come in third and fourth with zero points each. 

The third round will see Maringo take on Maseno in what we see as a Group A final while Wendani and Shuge teams will stage a derby on who runs the Kahawa areas.  


Coming off a draw from Round One fixtures, the boys from Eastleigh Ushirika Gaming Crave needed a win to stay in the race for the top lounge in the group. Led by Abdirahman, Ushirika managed to net eight goals (5 goals from Abdi) while Mustafa netted three goals. New Donholm Yankee Gaming dropped from first to third place after a poor show in the second round of the Ma Esto League. Yankee Gaming managed to snatch one win against Eastleigh after scoring only three goals. 

In the last Group B match, BuruBuru Qwerty Gaming Lounge came up against Old Donholm LIMZ Entertainment in a rather grudge match from season one. Qwerty Lounge manager Kelvin making changes from the team that participated in the first round introducing Frankline Barasa and Jamal Nkaisseri up against a spirited Old Donholm. 

Old Donholm’s’ Dennis “Duchi” Kyalo carrying his team, getting both wins after a 2-0, 3-2 defeat of Frankline and Jamal. Lawrence Matara scooped one win to seal the fixture 3-1 

Eastleigh Ushirika currently tops the group with 4 points, joined by Old Donholm LIMZ Entertainment (4 points), New Donholm Yankee (3 points), and BuruBuru Qwerty Gaming (0 points). 

Ma Esto League will head for a break before resuming the third-round fixtures in June. 

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THE CHECK: BuruBuru and Shuge Ma Esto FIFA Esports teams make changes in their squads for round two.

After a disappointing start after round one, Qwerty Gaming Lounge looks to switch up things a little bit as they take on season one rivals Old Donholm LIMZ Entertainment in a must-win fixture for either side. 

Qwerty’s Kelvin replaces Giddy and Milito with two new players looking to work themselves up in the FIFA rankings of Kenya. Old Donholm LIMZ Entertainment Lounge has retained its two players Duchi and Larry.

Kahawa Sukari Sounds Palace Entertainment will also be making one change to their squad eyeing a clear win today as they take on Group A table leaders Maseno Horizon Gaming Lounge. 



21st MAY 2022 / 1.30 PM 

THE CHECK: Maringo, Maseno, New Donholm pick up wins in the FIFA22 Ma Esto 2 League Weekend Opener

“Seems lounge managers need to recruit well.”

New Donholm Yankee Gaming Lounge posting a 3-1 win over Buru58 Qwerty Gaming showed us how deep FIFA Esports can be in Kenya. The boys from BuruBuru finished second place in the first season of the League now find themselves bottom of the group with a 1 Win – 3 Losses and putting up 11 goals. 

The League this season will see every operation move offline. So, what does this mean for the rest of the Game Weeks? 

End of Week One

Teams that opened up the weekend with wins have a certain comfort heading towards the second week of competition. With only three weeks of play in the Ma Esto 2 Rounds before entering the FAINALI event, teams will be fighting to enter the top position as the format will see all Lounges play in the final event depending on the place they finished in their respective groups. 


The 7th/8th Playoff Final will be competed by teams that finished 4th in their respective groups. 

The 5th/6th Playoff Final will be competed by teams that finished 3rd in their respective groups. 

The 3rd/4th Playoff Final will be competed by teams that finished 2nd in their respective groups. 

1st/2nd Playoff Final will be competed by teams that finished 1st in their respective groups. 


Ma Esto One Champions Horizon Gaming Lounge started the League just on a high as they ended the previous season. Lounge Manager Collins Oyindo fielded newcomers Makuer Machot and Leone Marlone in the teams’ 3-1 victory over Kahawa Wendani T.O.G Gaming Lounge.

Makuer Machot kicked off the fixture in a 2-1 loss against Wendani’s Andrew Nderi. The crew from Wendani happy with the result lost momentum in their second game that saw Maseno’s Leone Marlone net twelve goals against Noel Mwenda. Maseno continued to push their lead after Leone added another W over Andrew Nderi before Makuer Machot closed the deal with a 4-0 win over Noel. Maseno sits top of Group A with 3-1 W-L stats/19 Goals. 

In the next Group A fixture, Maringo BushHunters Gaming Lounge wiped Kahawa Sukari’s Sounds Palace Entertainment Gaming Lounge 3-1 with BadNews & ErickDemon Collins leading the way against Brian Okello & George Kimaru. Two matches in this fixture ended after Extra-Time and Penalties, ErickDemon v. George Kimaru (3-3) which was won (5-3) by Collin ErickDemon, the match between BadNews & George Kimaru (2-2) and won by BadNews. 

Maringo sits second in Group A while Shuge and Wendani sit 3rd and 4th respectively. 


Ma Esto One vets BuruBuru Qwerty Gaming Lounge kicked off their campaign in an unusual loss against New Donholm Yankee Gaming Lounge. The boys from 58 were up after the first match that saw Milito takedown Boniface Akenga 3-0. This match gave them psyche heading into the next match but New Donni had other plans, Klein Moseh Moke putting in 5 goals against Giddys 3 levelled up the fixture match win score. The fixture ended 3-1 to New Donholm Yankee Gaming Lounge.

In the last Group B match, Eastleigh’s Ushirika Gaming Crave up against season one vets Old Donholm LIMZ Entertainment Gaming Lounge saw our first fixture draw of the day as each lounge bagged two wins each. Eastleigh Ushirika Gaming Crave sent a message to the boys from Old Donholm after scoring eight goals in the first match (Ginimbi v. Larry 8-0). Duchi from Donholm came back and rescued the situation after beating Mustafa 3-1, he later took Old Donholm ahead with a 3-1 defeat of Ginimbi but his teammate Larry failed to capitalize on the lead losing 4-2 to Mustafa in the last game of the day. 


“Ushirika are going to have a tough time, Eastleigh is going to have a tough time”

Ushirika Gaming Crave kicked off their Ma Esto Feature in a loss to Maringo’s BushHunters Gaming Lounge during the Third Stream Test. 

Eastleigh’s Muktar Abdirahman conceded a penalty in the first minutes to award BushHunters’ led by Edwin Ndirangu an easy goal in the first minutes of play. The offensive mistakes by Ushirika Gaming were a blessing to Maringo’s Edwin as he capitalized on each of them to set him and his team clear chances of scoring.

“Costly mistakes put dents on Eastleigh.” 

Passing mistakes, ball losses during attacks, & misdirected passes were just a few of the many blunders Eastleigh Ushirika Gaming Lounge made in their debut match against Maringo’s BushHunters Gaming Lounge. 

Eastleigh, so composed in the first half, had Edwin rethink strategy. “Maringo continued to capitalize of Ushirika’s mistakes to keep possession and push for goals.” The Hunters’ ability to understand their opponents’ game within seconds into the match gave them a lot of confidence to sit back and wait for Ushirika to make mistakes so that they capitalize.

Edwin “Drag” Ndirangu of BushHunters scored four goals passed Ushirika’s net. BushHunters pushes their Win-Loss record to 1-1 in the Ma Esto Stream Test matches. A consolation goal in the second half by Ushirika saw them add a figure to their Ma Esto stats.


Kahawa Sukari SPE Gaming Lounge (2) – BuruBuru Qwerty Gaming Lounge (4) 

Maseno Horizon Gaming Lounge (3) – Maringo BushHunters Gaming Lounge (2) 

Maringo BushHunters Gaming Lounge (4) – Eastleigh Ushirika Gaming Crave (1) 

Ma Esto Season Two shall return soon. 

The Focus: Gambling still holds the highest percentage of shirt sponsorships in Kenya’s top-flight soccer.

“Kettering Town F.C had to crawl so that many could walk.”

As soccer continues to change in Kenya, so is its sponsorship space. The current soccer sponsorship market represents a slight shift towards the BUSINESS of sports as many clubs in the pyramid front sponsorship as the largest revenue earner.

Sports is becoming a global phenomenon as many Leagues from domestic markets are positioning themselves to tap into the “Transfer Market Business“, which had a KES.486 billion value in transfer fees as per 2021 numbers and data. With the numbers mentioned, corporate entities are looking to position themselves as sponsors for visibility, product-service drives, and local community partnerships.

Which companies have their logo on each of the FKF-PL participating club shirts?
The Kenyan top-tier league is attracting corporate sponsorships at League and Club levels. Many corporate sponsorships are for visibility, and as a way to build local community partnerships and activations.

Betting companies still hold the majority of the club shirt sponsorship slots while State Corporations/Parastatals come second. The entry of betting companies into the local soccer market can be accredited to the rise of digital transformation in Kenya and Africa at large.

The ease of access to information and internet connection has fueled the betting craze in Kenya. Many betting companies find it easy to advertise and promote their brands using sports, social media (influencers and paid ads) as some opt for tv.

Despite the legal issues encountered by Kenya's betting company Sportpesa, gambling companies continue to take a grip of the ever-growing Kenya sporting market.


Betting & Gambling (33%):
Gor Mahia FC (Betsafe), AFC Leopards (Betsafe), Kakamega Homeboyz (Mozzart Bet), Sofapaka FC (Betika), Kariobangi Sharks (Betway) and Police FC (Betika)

Finance & Banking (11%):
Wazito F.C (Aidos Kuneen) and KCB FC (KCB)

State Corporation/Parastatal/Ministry (28%):
Posta Rangers F.C (Posta Kenya), Talanta F.C (Communications Authority of Kenya), Bandari F.C (Kenya Ports Authority), Ulinzi Stars FC (KDF), Nzoia Sugar
F.C (Nzoia Sugar)

Foods & Beverages (6%):
Tusker F.C (Tusker Brand, EABL)

Non-Governmental Organizations (6%)
Nairobi City Stars F.C (Jonathan Jackson Foundation)

The Focus: Major sporting events & competitions in the East African market this year.

“Sports in the E.A. market”

There are various reasons to be deeply excited about the East African sports market this year with several sporting attractions lined up. The market with a population of over two hundred eighty-five million (285 million) people is trying to position itself as a regional and global powerhouse in sports by attracting key global events while building its own homegrown sporting attractions. 

Last year saw the return of sports leagues and competitions in various disciplines after a period of uncertainty and business losses affected by the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Local leagues in the region resumed without fans due to the country’s COVID-19 restrictions. The two rugby powerhouses in the region resumed their rugby operations with Kenya opting for both 15s & 7s in preparation for the RAC Gold Cup (world cup qualifier) games slated for 3Q22 in France and the HSBC Tour heading into its fifth leg in January while Uganda focused heavily on their sevens tour series hosting all legs successfully. In Rwanda, the country held the inaugural Basketball Africa League (BAL) featuring twelve teams. Rwanda also managed to play host to the CAVB Women and Men Championships 2021. 

What is on the plate this year? 


Kenya will play host to big sporting attractions this year after securing rights to host global events while at the same time, local organizations are slowly growing homegrown events with sights to reach global levels. The East African nation will play host to different sports competitions such as: 

  • Agnes Tirop Cross Country Classic (Gold) (February 12th 2022)
  • DP World Tour 2022 Golf (March 6th-9th
  • Kip Keino Classic (Gold Tour) (May 7th
  • FASU Games 2022 (June 6th-10th)
  • Esports WRC Championships (Virtual Track) (June 17th– 20th)
  • WRC Safari Rally (June 23rd – 26th)
  • Local Sevens Series (May 7th-June 26th
  • Safari Sevens (TBC) 


The Pearl of Africa will play host to a roster of Badminton Competitions after securing rights for the Badminton Confederation Africa Games 2022. Uganda will play host to the following series;

  • All Africa Men’s & Women’s Team Continental Championships Badminton (February 14th-17th)
  • All Africa Individual Championships International Series Badminton (February 18th-20th)
  • Uganda International 2022 (February 24th-27th
  • Uganda Junior International 2022 Future Series (February 28th – March 2nd
  • Rugby Africa Men’s Sevens Cup (April 23rd – 24th
  • All Africa Para-Badminton Championship 2022 (September 12th – 18th
  • Uganda Para-Badminton International 2022 (September 18th – 25th
  • Local Sevens Series (TBC) 


The “Land of a Thousand Hills”, with its iconic indoor arena and futuristic approach to sports management is making great strides towards attracting global events such as the World Road Cycling Championships 2025 and the Basketball Africa League 2022 Playoffs & Finals. 

  • Basketball Africa League (BAL) Season Two Playoffs and Finals (May 21st-28th)
  • Tour du Rwanda (February 20th-27th)