“Ushirika are going to have a tough time, Eastleigh is going to have a tough time”

Ushirika Gaming Crave kicked off their Ma Esto Feature in a loss to Maringo’s BushHunters Gaming Lounge during the Third Stream Test. 

Eastleigh’s Muktar Abdirahman conceded a penalty in the first minutes to award BushHunters’ led by Edwin Ndirangu an easy goal in the first minutes of play. The offensive mistakes by Ushirika Gaming were a blessing to Maringo’s Edwin as he capitalized on each of them to set him and his team clear chances of scoring.

“Costly mistakes put dents on Eastleigh.” 

Passing mistakes, ball losses during attacks, & misdirected passes were just a few of the many blunders Eastleigh Ushirika Gaming Lounge made in their debut match against Maringo’s BushHunters Gaming Lounge. 

Eastleigh, so composed in the first half, had Edwin rethink strategy. “Maringo continued to capitalize of Ushirika’s mistakes to keep possession and push for goals.” The Hunters’ ability to understand their opponents’ game within seconds into the match gave them a lot of confidence to sit back and wait for Ushirika to make mistakes so that they capitalize.

Edwin “Drag” Ndirangu of BushHunters scored four goals passed Ushirika’s net. BushHunters pushes their Win-Loss record to 1-1 in the Ma Esto Stream Test matches. A consolation goal in the second half by Ushirika saw them add a figure to their Ma Esto stats.


Kahawa Sukari SPE Gaming Lounge (2) – BuruBuru Qwerty Gaming Lounge (4) 

Maseno Horizon Gaming Lounge (3) – Maringo BushHunters Gaming Lounge (2) 

Maringo BushHunters Gaming Lounge (4) – Eastleigh Ushirika Gaming Crave (1) 

Ma Esto Season Two shall return soon. 

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