Qualifier two sees Frost finish third

Qualifier two had mixed results and reactions such as the first ever reset in the Tekken 254 Circuit, AlphaPlay | Mickey losing, Frost breaking out to finish third and a deadly Pool C that saw best players fight for top 2 finishes.


The Tekken 254 Circuit Pool A saw AlphaPlay | Mickey secure Top 8 spot after cruising past the pool with 5-0 Win-Loss record dropping only one match against Proto-G (3-2 Win-Loss record). Mickey was joined by Frost in top 8 who completed the pool with a 4-1 Win-Loss record. Proto-G, PokerFace, XiT | QueenArrow and Dawa Jr finished 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th respectively.

Pool B had AlphaPlay team member Simba finished with a 5-0 Win-Loss to take up 1st position and was followed by Vega (4-1 Win-Loss record). Furious Monkey (3-2 Win-Loss record), Battousai (2-3 Win-Loss record), PseudoDude (0-4 Win-Loss record) and Mugi (0-4 Wins-Loss).

Pool C saw Tiz top the pool with a 5-0 Win-Loss record but dropping 3 matches. AlphaPlay | PRIEST came second with a 4-1 Win-Loss record to book a top 8 bracket spot. Nakuru based DarkTempest (3-2 Win-Loss record), Chuma Mzee (2-3 Win-Loss record), RMP | Shoryuken (1-4 Win-Loss record) and Dice1533 (0-5 Win-Loss record) finished 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th respectively.

Pool D saw Xstar wash out DVK 2-0 in the first set to top the Pool with a 5-0 Win-Loss record as DVK came second with a 4-1 Win-Loss record. In4red, RobbyM$, Pipsqueak, and FlurryFists finished 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th respectively.

AlphaPlay | Mickey v. DVK

AlphaPlay | Mickey’s clean record was shattered in this set with DVK snatching up a win with a 2-0 score. Switching characters between Bob and Violet, AlphaPlay | Mickey fell short dropping 6 rounds and managing to take up only 1 round.

Tiz v. Vega

Tiz sent Vega packing to the losers’ bracket in the second set of the Top 8 bracket. Using Nina, Tiz dropped only 1 set against Vegas strongest character choice Akuma.

Frost v. Xstar

Xstar lost his lead against Frost in a set that ended 2-1 to Frost. Using King, Xstar failed to hold his lead to lose the final match (3-2) to give Frost the set and seal the win.

AlphaPlay | Simba v AlphaPlay | PRIEST

This set saw two teammates go up against each other in a thrilling match that ended 2-0 to AlphaPlay | PRIEST.


The circuit saw Xstar take 7th place pushing Vega to 8th, AlphaPlay | PRIEST, AlphaPlay | Simba finished 5th and 6th respectively. Tiz secured 4th position to bag himself 21 points whereas Frost took 3rd position.

The grand final saw the very first reset we have ever had in all tournaments held. AlphaPlay | Mickey coming from the losers final managed to beat DVK 3-1 to take the grand finale to a reset where he again beat DVK 3 sets to 1 to take up the 1st position.