Horizon Organization player Elias beat GeeMajid in the final of the e-Lig series weekend two to bag himself the prize plus 24 points. Elias, who was a replacement for Pablo, came in and maneuvered his way through Conference A which was a tight group. He finished 2nd beating Technical University of Kenya player Malvin on goal difference finishing after Flossin Mauwano.

Elias qualified through Conference A and met Rockie in the two-legged quarter-final where he made a comeback win (4-3 aggregate score). He lost 3-2 in the first leg of the game and made a late comeback in the 2nd leg to book a semi-final after a 2-0 win.

Other Quarter Final results

Yardie v. GeeMajid (4-3 aggregate score to Majid)

Zack v. Kamal (4-2 aggregate score)

Mumu v. Kevo CK (5-2 aggregate score)


Flossin Mauwano v. GeeMajid (3-4 GeeMajid win)

Elias v. Zack (1-0 Elias win)

The Final

GeeMajid managed to secure a place in the final after an impressive win over defending champion Flossin Mauwano. Elias, on the other hand, cruised past Zack in the second semi-final.

In the final, GeeMajid had a comfortable lead 2-0 lead up to the 85th minute where Elias pulled off two goals to draw the match with few minutes left. The game was seen to go for Extra time but Elias had other plans to close it just right before the whistle goes off. He pulled off a great goal in the 89th minute to close out GeeMajid and win Weekend two on a 3-2 score.

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