The year 2019 marked a great milestone for Esports in Kenya. The year saw the inaugural e-Lig University Series launching its pilot program dubbed “Season Zero Project” that saw six Universities participate during the first quarter of the year, 2019 also saw Kenyan Esports scene being represented internationally. Mawira “Darktempest” Nyaga competing at the CapeTown Showdown TWT Challenger event while back to back to back champion Mickey flying to Dubai for the RoXXnRoll TWT Masters event.

The year also saw the Tekken254 Circuit restructure helping new entrants compete in the Kenyan league, the Tekken community inviting their M.K11 brothers and sisters to most of their events which gave birth to the Savanna Fighting Game Community.

Savanna Fighting Game Community (Tekken254 & Kenya Kombat Circuit)

Two of the best Esports communities in Kenya formed a community to help steer the industry in Kenya. The communities will be tested in a league structure that will run from January-August using a points system that will see the top 16 after 6 Qualifiers book their spot in the Savanna Finals.

Michael “Mickey” Muhoro has proved himself as the best player ever to grace the Tekken254 Circuit competition winning all three seasons with a perfect Set Win score of 117 and only losing 1 to DVK at one of the Season two qualifiers held at Kenya National Theatre. The new year comes with it the fourth season of the Tekken254 Circuit and the first season of the Kenya Kombat Circuit.

e-Lig University FIFA Series

Which Varsity institution do you think has the best competitive and non-competitive FIFA community? Care to follow a well-organized FIFA League based in Kenya showcasing the best University-based teams competing against each other? Then the e-Lig University Series is the competition to watch.

Formed in 2017, the series seeks to grow the competitive side of FIFA in Kenya through a well-organized competition pitting University sides based in Kenya. The series ran a pilot competition in the first quarter of the year that were both held at the Kenyatta University Student and Business Centre dubbed Season 0.

The pilot season was used to showcase the future of the competition series that is set to launch its first season this coming year 2020. Season 0 showed us what competition would look like between the Varsities, the intensity and knowledge of the game from different competitors and teamwork.

The e-Lig University FIFA20 Series will see a much-changed format and structure that will steer the competitive scene into a new horizon. (Kindly follow our social pages and website for news and bulletins regarding the series)

Esports Kenya

Our investment into Kenyan Esports seeks to cement and position Kenyan dedicated players domestically with a planned move of doing the same internationally.

Ace Pro Gaming & Tekken-Two-Five-Four wish you a blessed and fruitful 2020.

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  1. The future of gaming in Kenya is bright, thank you very much for the support shown.

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