Tekken254 action resumes after a long break due to the suspension of our offline division operations (Tekken254 Circuit) caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The announcement by the Savanna FGC Organizers detailed an online competition dubbed the Fight Night seeking to grow and improve our Online division. The online division was first run in 2019 under the name Iron Fist Fridays hosted by Davy Kamanzi attracting 20 members of the community.

Fight Night

The Fight Night will be a bi-monthly competition held online inviting community members of the Tekken254. The Fights will be streamed live on the Tekken254 YouTube channel.

“We seek to improve Kenya’s online competition space with a great community-centric competition seeking to bring together the Tekken254 community and showcasing the competitive Circuit to the masses,” says Ace Pro Gaming director.

MoM_Frost v. Mickey

Arguably the biggest Esport matchup in the Kenyan FGC space will open up the Savanna Fight Night series. Kenya’s best Tekken 7 player will go up against his newest rival and the only player to beat him in a tournament Grand Final, Frost.

The Masters of Mayhem sponsored player Frost will face Mickey in a First To 10 (FT10) matchup on the 22nd of this month. The matchup will be the opener of the Fight Night series that is set to kick-off two weeks later (5th and 6th) with an undercard and main card fight on the roster.

The Fight Night series invites you to watch the best of the best Tekken7 players battle it out from their homes to your screens live on YouTube.


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