Ace Pro Gaming through its theme over the years has always been to BUILD COMMUNITIES in the electronic sports eco-system in Kenya. 

The esports sector in Kenya continues to grow with many different competitions happening both online and offline. “We are seeing the demand in esports tournaments just as it was in 2018 while at the same time an increase in the number of tournament organizers.” 

After a successful first season of the Ma Esto League Program that saw the Parklands-based Horizon Gaming Lounge carry the league, Ace Pro through its FIFA Division will be launching a new competitive division called REQUESTS. 


The REQUEST platform will be an on-demand competitive fixture that gives friends, social circles, individuals and corporate brands the power to request up to two registered Ma Esto Programs to play a match on a specific date in the schedule. 

“Request who you want to watch” 

 We look at the future of Esports especially broadcast purely decentralized. The REQUEST platform gives power to FIFA fans and the wider community members like content creators, small businesses, and journalists the ability to access and choose which players and teams they’d love to watch play. 

“The access to the REQUEST platform is the biggest part- easy, affordable, and will be readily available to everyone globally,” says Fanuel.  

“Two packages”

Split into two packages, one targeting individuals, social circles, friends while the second package will be for corporate companies and brands. “The players and lounge managers will receive a percentage share from the revenue generated from requests.” The packages will range from 799 KES (8$) to 13,999 KES (140$) making it affordable to access the Kenyan esports scene. 

Follow our social media pages for new and more information regarding REQUESTS and other esports updates. 

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