Ace Pro Gaming’s flagship program “Ma Esto” will officially kick-off in April this year with four programs set to take part in a rigorous developmental structure developed by Ace Pro league department. Today, Ace Pro through its FIFA Division announced that the programs (Game Parlours) selected to feature in the Developmental League will be franchised as Esports Organizations (teams). 

The program (Ma Esto) debuted last year during the e-Lig Series: University weekends with a structured plan to develop a franchised league based on estate gaming parlors (lounges) playing as teams.

“Franchising gaming parlors as programs and teams will make it easy for many players to enter competitions held by Ace.”

Ace Pro League Department also acknowledges the difficulty of owning hardware and games as a hindrance to enter online competitions and regularly practice offline competitions. “Incorporating selected gaming parlors into the Ma Esto program is not only a step closer to giving players ease of practicing and competing, but also creating gaming communities at the grassroots level,” says Fanuel, Head of Leagues. 

Apart from having rigorous training and developmental structures internally, the programs will be going up against each other on selected days set up in the schedule. The competition will have a unique ranking and payout system that increases competition and engagement. 

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