It is no doubt that soccer (English Premier League to be exact) remains the king of consumed sports in Kenya. The number of fans is visible during the weekends in bars, restaurants, watch parties (at their homes), and mostly on social media throwing banter in all directions. The EPL and other foreign leagues in Kenya are becoming a culture exhibited through fashion and conversations in many social circles. 

With no doubt, many FIFA players in Kenya identify their game strategies to players and teams featuring in the franchise, and with this history, we chose to merge the two divisions (Traditional sports and Esports) to bring you the ace pro gaming simulation competitive division. Ace Pro through the e-Lig Series will stage the first simulation division match a day before the UCL Seni-Finals 2021 set for April-May

The program acknowledges many FIFA players in Kenya (Nairobi) are avid soccer fans and follow leagues and competitions. With this, we bring you a simulation FIFA (kick-off mode) match played by players that will feature in the Ma Esto program.  


The programs participating will get direct slots for the simulation match. The program ranked number one will get a chance to select the team to use. The formula will be used for programs ranked 2,3 and 4. 

“The UCL simulation match adds a competitive edge of the league program giving parlors a reason to fight for the top slots but targeting the number one spot that comes with the benefits of selecting first,” says Fanuel, Head of Leagues.  He adds “With the UEFA Champions League going into its second leg of the last 16 stage this month, players competing in the Ma Esto league program will be waiting to know which clubs will reach the final stage.” 

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