AlphaPlay | Mickey goes into qualifier two with sights to complete a clean record for the second time.

Michael Muhoro aka AlphaPlay | Mickey came into this new season with a mind of taking over the Tekken scene in Nairobi with his deep knowledge of the fighting game for the second time. Signed to AlphaPlay, an Esport Organization based in Nairobi seeking to tap into the rising digital sport in Kenya, he continues to put up a great performance in each tournament he walks into.

His mastery of different Tekken characters that he selects for each set he plays also shows a player that understands the technicalities and various move lists contained in these different characters.

With the new season going into its second Qualifier this weekend 21st July, AlphaPlay | Mickey continues to extend his unbeaten record since November of last year when we held our first ever Tekken tournament that birthed the Tekken254 Circuit. He currently sits at the pole position with a clean record of 24points, a win-loss record of 9-0 and 20MatchWins. He managed to keep this season’s opener clean just as he did with season one.


The Tekken 254 Circuit saw changes made in its format and system coming into the new season. Incorporating a reverse point system where points are rewarded according to the number of participants in reverse order. (With 24 players, 1st position acquires 24points, 2nd gets 23points….24th position gets 1point). This has helped increase competition and strategy for the players with many targeting top finishes to capture points in the various positions. Also, with just a 1point difference between positions, players see it easy to improve in the next tournaments. The new system also increased games for players that do not make it to the top 8 double elimination bracket having them play extra games with players from different pools in the various position playoffs.

Focusing on competition, many great players such as Tiz (23Points, a win-loss record of 8-2 and 17 MatchWins) have put up great competition against AlphaPlay | Mickey but always falling short.

AlphaPlay | Mickey and Tiz holding 1st and 2nd position respectively will go into Qualifier two in different Pools.

Tiz will be joined by RMP | Shoryuken, AlphaPlay | PRIEST, Chuma Mzee, DarkTempest and Dice1533 in Pool C. This Pool C is projected to be the Pool of death with 4 of the players being highly rated in the Tekken254 community. The fight for top 2 slots will be the stakes in this pool.

AlphaPlay | Mickey top seeds Pool A and will be joined by XiT | QueenArrow, Proto-G, Frost, Poker Face and Dawa Jr.