Horsemen Organization strengthened their roaster last week by adding a player who is rising in the ranks of competitive FIFA in Kenya. Phillip Kimani topped many competitors at the Jumia Gaming tournament held at TRM this year where he beat Boniface Maina in the final to clinch the title of the inaugural event.

The Horsemen Organization based in Kenyatta University will have a great player who will bolster their points and also help get the organization wins throughout the series. Phillip Kimani also graced the Horizon Lounge tournament that had one-half of the Horizon Organization players from UON and he managed to win it showing his skills amongst many he will meet again during the e-Lig series.

The Horsemen Organization seeks to be the best organization at the end of the inaugural e-Lig series and they are leaving nothing to chance by adding Phillip Kimani. The following below are the players representing Horsemen Organization.

We call on you all to follow and support the e-Lig University series tour set to commence in January next year.

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