“You issued the challenge, and now you have it”

Robert “T-Vet PokerFace” Mathu’s statement during Fight Night Two is all the competitive series is all about. You called me out, here I am, let’s get going. Kaffi “Ghost” issued a challenge to DVK and for sure he got it. The challenges are the foundation of the competition. Challenging anyone registered in the SFN online battles is also a challenge to self, the competition also automatically makes you challenge yourself.

The Savanna Fight Nights (SFN), happening bi-monthly continues to showcase Kenya’s Tekken and Esports community. The online battles are a package game mechanics, fun, style of play, character knowledge, and the most important thing, the community.

So, what about challenges, what are they?

“I called you out, itabidi you show up and battle”

So far, twelve registered players from the Tekken254 Circuit, two weekends in the month, a live stream, and lots of fun. The challenges are made to ease the understanding of the game within the Kenyan Tekken community, build rivalries, and maintain competitiveness after the Offline League got suspended.

Issuing Challenges

With four-fight schedules on the roster, any player can issue a challenge to anyone registered for the competitive battles. The challenges are issued immediately after the end of any SFN Battles with a deadline on the Wednesday leading to the next Savanna Fight Night. The challenges always have an undercard fight which is played in a First-to-Three sets format while the main card fight features the First-to-Five format.

Challenges which feature players ranked in the top five positions always head down to the community to voting for which Fight will feature in the main card fight of the given Night.

Winning and losing

If a lower-ranked player beats his opponent during any challenge, he or she takes up the rank spot of the loser and at the same time pushes players below them by one place. Take an example DVK v. Ghost fight last weekend.

DVK v. Ghost

So, DVK accepted the challenge from Ghost, what does this mean?

This simply means, DVK, ranked second in the SFN fought against Ghost (ranked 12th) during the Fight Night undercard fight (First-to-3 sets). DVK had to respond to the challenge but had he lost; he would fall to 12th place leaving space for Ghost to jump 11 places up to the second position.

The challenges offer the SFN and the Tekken254 community a competitive edge like no other. The community continues to showcase its strength and growth since its inception. The beauty about these challenges is the individual players’ character knowledge, the competitive format and the stakes of each Fight. The fact that we get to watch Kenya’s best Tekken players go head to head in a competition which is selected by themselves. Giving the players a chance to choose their opponents also gives it a good friendly rivalry in the community plus all the fun that comes with it.

The SFN heads to its third night next weekend (10th July) with only one out four fights scheduled.

Visit: www.tekken254.co.ke

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