The Tekken254 Circuit gears up for its fourth instalment set to kick off in January next year. The circuit, running for the past two years has seen growth in participating numbers, game knowledge and most especially the community bond. The Circuit moves into its 2020 schedule with more Esports Organizations signing players that compete in the Circuit.

Esports Organizations

Many ask, what are Esports Organizations? Well, they are easily understood as teams. These are a group of likeminded persons who band up to form a team that specializes in one or multiple title games.

Just as in any traditional sports, Esports are also inviting both professional and semi-pro players to compete in various leagues, series and circuit in the case of Kenya. These Organizations sign players to represent them in many tournaments organized in the region.

The Tekken254 Circuit in its current will now see up to seven organizations representing close to 15 players heading into season four. The representations by these Organizations are just but a start to help different Tekken enthusiasts to compete in the upcoming circuit. In due time, when these organizations set a great model for raising revenue, the players will be able to receive salaries or wages based on their contracts.

Below are some of Esports Organizations set to feature in the upcoming Tekken254 Circuit season four.

  1. XiT Woundz (QueenArrow)
  2. AlphaPlay (Mickey)
  3. MeTa Clan (Lord Vega & Furious Monkey)
  4. T-Vets (Chuma Mzee, Battousai, Poker Face, and Nick Fury)
  5. Watchmen (DVK & Priest)
  6. Rampage Corps (Shoryuken)
  7. Simba Ultimate (DarkTempest)

Esports Organizations will not only help stabilize the Circuit through the representation of various players helping them enter given tournaments and the Circuit but will further professionalize the industry easily.

Just as in the e-Lig University Series, the competition saw six Organizations franchised on the University they came from. Six Universities competed in the inaugural trial season at the beginning of the year and are set to go for a showdown soon. Franchising Esports organizations based on Universities further grow competition and increases rivalry among these institutions.

We look forward to seeing these Organizations compete in tournaments and we wish them all the best in their endeavours.

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