The Tekken254 Circuit season three came to a close this past weekend with
Qualifier 6 staged at K1 KlubHouse. The Qualifier saw Mickey win the grand final besting DVK in the grand final.

The tournament also marked the end of the circuit qualifiers that have run from January in a 6 part series and ended this month. The circuit format set up a 16 slot final tournament dubbed the Savanna Majors that will see the best 16 players go at each other in the Circuit finals.

After 6 Qualifiers, the following below have qualified for Kenya’s Tekken Circuit Finals.

  1. Mickey
  2. DVK
  3. MoM|Frost
  4. SU|DarkTempest
  5. Xstar
  6. Pri3st
  7. Tony
  8. Furious Monkey
  9. Lord Vega
  10. OverHaul|In4red
  11. RobbyM$
  12. T-Vets|Nick Fury
  13. T-Vets|Battousai
  14. Stanley Styler
  15. T-Vets|PokerFace
  16. RMP|Shoryuken

Season Three saw great improvement from many players competing, notably Furious Monkey who finished 5th with (30-18 SW-L record). Improving from 12th place in season two to finishing 5th this season shows a really good improvement. Furious Monkey is joined by Masters of Mayhem player Frost who finished 2nd place with 135points. Frost has reached the grand final on three occasions (Qualifiers 3, 4 and 5).

Lord Vega has shown a decline in performance finishing 9th this season with his best being Qualifier 1 where he finished 4th. Simba Ultimate player DarkTempest finished overall 6th securing his slot for the Tekken254 Circuit Finals. Using Katarina Alves, DarkTempest comes in as a favourite contender for this season’s final.

We will have to wait a few weeks to see who will win the Tekken254 Circuit finals. Follow our social media pages for updates about the upcoming Circuit finals.

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