Ace Pro Gaming through its FIFA Esports Division agrees to form an Esports program dubbed “Ma Esto” that seeks to grow, develop and cement Kenya’s FIFA scene. 

“Ma Esto,” a grassroots program will make it easy for FIFA lovers to engage selves through a roster of activities designed by Ace Pro League department. “We look at Ma Esto as a key to starting the conversation of Kenya’s Pro FIFA scene,” says Head of Leagues, Fanuel Opiyo.

The program will be the second installment of our FIFA Division (e-Lig Series) after a successful KUSA sanctioned inter-university tournament held late last year where Feiswall Abdalla from Kisii University beat Charles Njiri from JKUAT in the finals. 

“We believe this program will engage not only FIFA Esports enthusiasts, casual players around Kenya, but also local fans and corporates at the grassroots level,” says Fanuel. He added, “Our ambition is for the Ma Esto program to accelerate the adoption of grassroots Esports, to demonstrate the future of well-organized sports competition using technology, player-owned organizations, and a commercially viable structure.” 

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  1. Hi,my name is twahir and I play FIFA on PS,I would like to play professionally given the fact that I seem to have decent record ever since I started playing.And that was FIFA 2002 on PC

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