The Savanna FGC which seeks to hosts Kenya’s greatest Fighting Game Community invites you all to a launch event that will house a Tekken254 and Mortal Kombat 11 tournaments at the Waterfront Mall in Karen.

With efforts to streamline and grow Esports in the country, Ace Pro Gaming and Tekken254 created the Tekken254 Circuit that is a one in a kind series of Tekken7 competitions that have run for three seasons since its inception. Gearing for its season four, part of the community will be in action today at the BulBul by Cheza lounge located at the Waterfront Mall, Karen.

The Tekken7 Invitational Tournament will feature season three champion Mickey who has just flown back from RoXXnRoll TWT Masters Event in Dubai, XiT_QueenArrow, SU_Dartempest, T-Vet_Pokerface, Furious Monkey, T-Vet_Battousai, The Night King, and MeTa_Vega.


Introducing the Mortal Kombat community into the Savanna FGC sought to bring together a group of people that seek to cement themselves as the best in the continent. With a really competitive group, the Kenya Kombat Circuit in its format seeks to grow the community plus position the Kenyan MK11 in the continent.

The Kenya Kombat Circuit will feature notable names in its competition today such as FTG_ArybaStacks, 95_Cole, Mojo_FGC_Joe, De_Marko, SU_Bilal, EKO_etess, RMP_Adam, and FGC_Onyancheez

With efforts of growing Esports and Sports industry in our beloved country, we call upon you to come and support a one of a kind system management that is wholly focused on growing communities in Kenya.

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