In a bid to further expand its reach into the Kenyan market, Ace Pro is set to launch an Apparel Division called “Ace Apparels” to steer professionalism in the Esports and wider sports market. The new division signals Ace Pro expansion looking to professionalize and uniform Esports and other sports players in Kenya.

Ace Apparels is set to launch at a later date in the fall of this year targeting Esports (competitive video gamers), Leisure market (Athle-Leisure), sports disciplines and other markets that we will announce later. “The expansion signals a different investment that seeks to create a self-sustaining and self-reliant e-Lig University Series and Tekken254 Circuit,” says Fanuel O. O

The apparel division is looking to tap into the local Kenyan series of tournaments held in the city by dressing various players and professionalizing the industry. Ace Apparels also wants to expand business models for various Esport organizations operating in Kenya.

Ace Pro Gaming will also launch its original content as part of its plans in growing the local industry. More info will be released soon.

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