Four Weekend FIFA Esports (Online) showcase competed by franchised Kenyan University Conferences

Nairobi, Kenya (2020): The e-Lig Series today announced its entrance into University Sports action after agreeing to a work agreement with Kenya University Sports Association (KUSA). The esports showcase promises to deliver a competitive demonstration for the FIFA Community in Kenya, content consumers, sports fans in Kenya, and the whole wider Eastern African region in regards to University Sports. 

e-Lig Series, a premier Competitive FIFA series developed by Ace Pro Gaming will provide a unique University-Only FIFA competition played by franchised teams based on University Conferences. 

“Esports continues to cement its place in the Kenyan sports industry as an alternative to entertainment, competition, and investment,” said Davy Kamanzi, Head of Community Relations at Ace Pro Gaming.   

The inaugural KUSA Esports program will get underway on October 30th with a match between two conference teams opening the showcase league set to kick-off a week later. The showcase will have all six franchises pooled in two groups (Group A & B) with three teams each competing in a round-robin format. The top two teams from each group will get direct qualification for the final day (dubbed Fainali) slated on the 20th November.  

Most important for the growth of e-Lig Series and Kenyan Esports, in general, will be that all matches- from the Group stages to the finals (Fainali) will be streamed live from our digital platforms. FIFA enthusiasts from Kenya and the wider East African region will get a chance to follow a University sanctioned Esports tournament.

“We seek to serve sports fans with an exciting competitive tournament of selected FIFA Players who featured in our previous trial season (season zero) staged at Kenyatta University Students and Business Centre Hall.”  

In Kenya, many sports leagues, competitions, and events remain suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic health measures set by the Government. With traditional sports being in the dark, Esports continued to offer an alternative to how players compete and engage. Ace Pro Gaming through its two Esports titles, Savanna Fight Night (Tekken 7) and e-Lig Series (FIFA 20/21) continued its online division leagues through the pandemic. 

As part of the e-Lig series investment, the organizers will continue to push for the development of Kenya’s competitive and casual FIFA players to join and build FUT squads so as to prepare and position themselves for standard international and regional events. The campaign will be run during the showcase tournament period.  

“This is a revolutionary step towards merging competition, innovativeness, technology, and a thriving young Kenyan market,” said Mr. Joseph Sandagi, Secretary-General Kenya University Sports Association.  The Kenya University Sports Association sets its foot towards embracing new ways sports are consumed, engaged, and broadcast. 

The e-Lig Series will be moving away from playing individually to a team-based competitive 2v2 format. This format is designed to grow competitive FIFA in Kenya by inviting established teams rather than individuals as it has been in the past tournaments held in and around Nairobi. 

About the e-Lig Series

The e-Lig Series brings a KUSA sanctioned competitive FIFA to a National stage with a showcase/demonstration tournament. For the first time in Kenya, franchised University teams get to go head to head with each other in an online FIFA.  The competitive Series will kick off on October 30th with six teams embarking on a three-week journey to cement their names as the best University Franchised team in Kenya. 

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 About Kenya University Sports Association

Kenya University Sports Association is the governing body mandated to run and manage University Sports in Kenya. KUSA, with its unique structure, has enabled the growth of various sports disciplines in Kenya producing great athletes that have shone bright lights on Kenyan sports. With the Esports investment, the Association positions itself with a growing global and domestic industry. 

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