A community of Fighting Game players competing in an eight-month schedule monthly. A Kenyan community is slowly positioning itself in the African Esports market.

The Savanna Fighting Game Community (FGC) currently has two fighting game titles (Tekken 7 & Mortal Kombat 11). Both of these community members meet periodically to compete in the Savanna Circuit.

THE SAVANNA CIRCUIT (Tekken254 Circuit & The Kenya Kombat Series)

The circuit constitutes an eight-month league schedule with 7 tournaments in total. The Tekken254 Circuit runs the Tekken title game and is in its fourth season while the Kenya Kombat Series (named Rampage Series due to naming rights) is in its first-ever season.

The players are competing for points each tournament with a target to finish top 16 and advance for the Savanna Majors that is scheduled later in the second quarter of the year.


The year kicked off with the Circuit opener in January where MoM_Frost bagged Q1 while back to back to back champion Mickey finished second. This was the first time Mickey failed to bag a qualifier.

Fast forward to the second qualifier, Frost re-ignited his flames and sent Mickey to the losers’ bracket but later fell to DVK in the Winners’ Finals. DVK booked a grand final against Mickey. Mickey proved he is still the best in the community by resetting the bracket and beating DVK (3-0)

The circuit took a break this month and will be back on April 25th. As organizers, we acknowledge the coronavirus situation in our country and we will be monitoring the situation as we prepare for the third Qualifier.

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