Having the best support throughout the e-Lig Series, the Horizon Organization, a University of Nairobi based team came to the series with a great squad of the best FIFA players they could produce and it showed in their performance.

Sitting at the second spot with 122 series points, the Organization boasts of strong FIFA gamers that have sights to dominate University FIFA Series. Elias and Joel led the team with great play against top players such as Flossin Mauwano, Kevo CK and GeeMajid.

Horizon Organization is led by a capable leader called Collins Oyindo who owns a gaming lounge where most of the players practice. The lounge has helped the majority of their players prepare for most tournaments held in and around Nairobi.

We met up with Collins Oyindo where we discussed issues touching on Esports in Kenya, e-Lig Series, FUT 20 and running Gaming lounges.

  1. 1. A.P: You run a small up and coming gaming lounge in Nairobi, what are the challenges you face in this business?

C.O: –High cost of maintenance, especially controllers that may be handled badly by some players.

Some games are also too expensive to acquire annually. Especially the games that have a one-year life like FIFA which is widely played by many guys who throng into the lounge.

  1. 2. A.P: The e-Lig University Series pilot season proved to us how competitive FIFA would be if played amongst different University-based teams, do you believe the Horizon Organization had the strongest team

C.O: Yes, I do believe the University of Nairobi Horizon Organization had the strongest team in the series. We had the best players who could compete strongly amongst other teams and win.

A.P: Which University do you think posed the greatest threat to Horizon Organization during the series?

C.O: Alpha Team from Strathmore University were really strong and played well across most of the members.

  1. A.P Where would you want to see the e-Lig University series soon?

C.O: I would wish to see the local University series be part of the Global series. The e-Lig Series should gain global recognition.

  1. A.P: On team management during the e-Lig University Series, what were some of the challenges people face as crews and organizations in Kenyan Esports?

C.O: I would say inadequate funds and resources to further grow the team. Funds to purchase things such as jerseys, controllers, consoles, internet subscription etc.

  1. A.P: Given a rivalry match against Kenya’s top FIFA players from Masters of Mayhem, who from your team would you field in a 2v2 match?

    C.O: I would field Elias and Joel to go up against any of the Masters of Mayhem players.

  1. A.P: With efforts on taking the e-Lig University Series to be played fully using the FUT mode soon, how ready is Horizon?

C.O: On a scale of 0-100%, I would say we are at 80%. Majority of our players are ready for any switch.

  1. A.P: What changes are you experiencing in the just-released FIFA20?

C.O: Low skill gap as compared to FIFA19, a lot of rebounds from the keeper and unresponsive defending (The defenders run off the ball a lot)

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